Autumn Bucketlist 2021

Autumn is my favourite time of year. It’s the time of year I feel most myself. Wearing lots of layers and Going on woodland walks seeing the leaves turn from green to orange. Laying in bed on crisp cold mornings drinking a pumpkin spiced latte. The feeling of being cold from the outside, then coming into a warm cozy living room and getting into pajamas and drinking a hot chocolate. Making stews and hearty soups, it all just feeds my soul.

There are so many things to look forward to at this time of year, first my birthday is over the autumn equinox, then in October we have Halloween, In November we have Bonfire night and then we have christmas. 

I have so many plans for this autumn. Last year I didn’t get to celebrate as much as I wanted to but this year I’m going to make this autumn extra special and I thought I’d share some fun ways you can make your autumn special too.

Here’s my Autumn Bucket List!!!!!!


Decorating for Autumn – My plan is to make some really easy cheap decorations to pumpkin spice up my place, did I just say that? oh my gourd. That’s a little autumn humour for you.

Autumn Wreath Making – To celebrate the autumn equinox I’ve decided this year to have a wreath making party with my family, were going to make autumn wreaths for our front doors and eat a hearty stew and drink hot cider, we’re just going to have the most perfect autumnal evening

Pumpkin Carving – How can you get through autumn without carving a pumpkin! I’m not all fancy with my design though, i keep it simple and classic, some may say boring but I like to rock it old school with my pumpkin

Crochet Evening – I love crochet, It’s such a therapeutic way to spend an evening and make something productive. I’d like to have an evening where I make a scarf or a headband, something useful and relatively easy and quick to make.


Get a pumpkin spiced latte starbucks – this is a tradition of mine. I love pumpkin spice lattes so much. Last year my sister got me a huge monin syrup and I drank it so quickly, but there’s something about going to starbucks on a cold day and getting a pumpkin spiced latte which really makes you feel like autumn has arrived.

Autumn syrup tasting– I went to tk maxx after seeing online that they had a range of autumnal syrups. The range is a 0 calorie range of syrups and I bought a gift set with a variety of autumnal syrups and a large pumpkin spiced one, well just because that’s my favourite.

Autumn picnic – I love going on picnics. I love making the picnics just as much and eating them. Red and I have slowly been collecting little bits and bobs to have the perfect picnic. We have a backpack made out of cooler bag material and it has a chopping board and wine glasses. I got it on the carboot for around £5, then I found this beautiful waterproof picnic blanket last week on the carboot for £2.50. I used to have this gorgeous joules flask and I had it for years and last winter I broke it, I knocked it off the side and I heard it shatter, it was honestly one of the saddest days (I actually cried) But red bought me a replacement flask, it’s a green Stanley flask and I love it so much, it has a real rustic feel. I keep thinking about getting another for soup. I want to do an autumnal picnic with sandwiches, soup, and baked goods. Just sit out on a crisp day after a long walk and enjoy the nature around me.


Autumn cooking – I love cooking, it’s one of my favourite things to do to relax. This autumn I want to focus on baking, pumpkin pie, apple pie, stews, things like that. There’s nothing more glorious that a house that smells like cooking when you’ve been out all day in the cold. Especially a cheese toastie with tomato soup.

Reading – Just get cozy! Pick up a favourite book. Currently I’m rereading twilight. I’ve not read the series in so long, I thought they deserved a visit and they are giving me such autumnal vibes. All the talk of dense woods and rain. A great way to feel cozy is to curl up with a book in your favourite chair with a cup of hot chocolate and just get lost in the pages

Visit a pumpkin patch – I love going to the pumpkin patch, each year we go and its always too much fun. I like to combine my trip with a pumpkin spiced latte followed by pumpkin carving. This year we’ve found a patch with a maize maze and corn picking.

Woodland walk – Walking in the woods is one of our favourite things to do as a family and one thing we’ve been getting interested in is foraging. Jackson bought a book about foraging for Red for fathers day so we’re going to get serious and try to actually forage for some things.

Drawing outside – There’s nothing like sitting outside drawing, I’ve not sat outside and drawn for so long, I keep making up excuses as to why I can’t, so last week at the carboot I bought a really cute old fisherman seat with a bag attached to it, it fits perfectly over the handle of Jackson’s pram. I’m going on holiday to Wales at the end of September and i’m planning on doing lots of sketching

Autumn movie marathon – I love curling up with a blanket and a hot drink and watching a film that makes you feel so cozy, but there’s something about autumn watching that really makes me feel so magical. I have a whole list of movies and tv shows that I plan on getting through this autumn, this will be another post because there’s so many to get through.

That’s my bucket list, I’ve made this printable bucket list down below if you want to make your autumn full as well, I’ve got mine printed off and stuck on my fridge, if you have any other ideas for your own bucket list please comment at let me know your ideas for this autumn!

Thank you so much for reading this post, I’ll be making videos all throughout autumn over on my YouTube Channel, I hope i’ll see you over there and I look forward to chatting in the comments.

Lots of Love


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